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Their impact on life is all-encompassing, be it the comfort of a home, efficiency in the office, recreation, shopping or space to learn and grow. At Arth Group it is a constant quest and an abiding commitment to ensure that the relationship between these spaces and the lives ensconced in or around, feel truly enriched - enhanced by understanding what a discerning lifestyle demands. Enhancing lives is almost a cultural constant, a lens through which we envision our every project and each minute detail in it - we are committed to ensure that the experience is rewarding. Udaipur, the ever-evolving and reverberating & city of Lake, is in a constant quest for spaces that can not only accommodate but also build efficiencies for its everyday flight of ambition and purpose-led growth. New enterprises, office spaces and the highly-educated, upwardly mobile, 'red- blooded' rich demanded world-class living spaces in the emerging areas of Udaipur. It is in this backdrop that Arth group took its roots, over three decades ago with a view to redefine living - delivering the cutting-edge with best global parameters to match or surpass.

Over the past three year we have built growth and high-stature through consistent high-design and quality parameters that have truly made a significant difference to ease, comfort and efficiency to lives that interact with or inhabit these spaces. We have developed over 6+ projects at strategic locations across the India, skyline aggregating about 6.5 crore sq. ft. of spaces. With another 24 crore sq. ft in the making, we have aggressive plans for upcoming projects in various parts of India. Innovation in our offerings combined with an emphasis on contemporary architecture, strong project execution and quality construction have helped us transform into a brand to reckon with. By partnering with the best in the world and India, we continuously keep ourselves abreast with changing global and national trends. In order to achieve the scalability required to undertake large developments, we outsource work to leading international and domestic consultants in the areas of architecture, design, engineering and construction.

Quality Policy:

Our motto is Quality, Commitment and Performance.The Scope of our Quality System is Planning, development, marketing and management of commercial and Institutional services & layouts.

Arth follows a Quality Management System hierarchy that is strictly abided by in all its residential and commercial properties in Bangalore and elsewhere.

This system includes departmental guidelines and work instructions as well as essential directions for the quality management system from the top management, covering all requirements of ISO 9001:2000. To this effect, Quality Records are maintained methodically and carefully.

We encourage customer feedback and reviews so that corrective actions can immediately be put in place. Our Quality standards and procedures are periodically reviewed so as to maintain continuous improvement in all areas of activities based on customer inputs to enhance customer.

Our Team

Our Arth Group Team executes strategies to adapt our products and services to the unique needs of our customers in every corner of the globe. We want to move money for better; to connect family and friends and small businesses to make their lives a little easier and little better.